Welcome to the presentation of Steel Company. In order to better inform our customers we have launched this site, which we want it better to introduce our products. Our company exists for over 30 years and all this time we are engaged solely in producing metal parts for the catering industry, auto parts, fishing equipment, etc. Our goal is to continue to listen to the needs of our customers and provide high quality products. Any suggestion and proposal is welcome and we are happy to hear them.

New product from Steel, sweepers fish scales all river and marine fish, especially effective for fine-scaled fish that is most difficult to clean such as pike, perch, carp and Bandar. Made in two versions, of stainless steel (stainless steel) or galvanized sheet with added functionality, bottle opener.

For further information contact us, Steel Novi Sad. 021/419 269, 063/283 0233 or via the contact form.

 New - sweepers fish scales